The Climbing Challenge

We At Orangutan Pals Are Avid About the Outdoors.

For this reason we have created a new challenge for our organization. We have decided to climb the mountains to bring awareness of our fellow Great Apes who love to climb the trees. Orangutans are the only Great Ape that is primarily arboreal. They’re actually the largest mammal that lives in trees. The more you know!

If you live in Colorado, grab one of our shirts and join us! We will be raising money as we trek some of the most beautiful mountains and scenery in the USA.

Not in Colorado? Not a problem! Climb your own mountain and we will be happy to post your photos on here too! All proceeds go to the preservation of Orangutans and to the education of what we can do to help them thrive once again

Check out our trip to Mt. Democrat. It was a great inaugural climb for our team!